how to market your blog


once you have created your blog and googke has approved our its time for you to market your blog as much as you can.

the most efficient ways are as follows
  • join as many social forums as you can some of the great social forums are as follows
now join these forums make as man friends possible and join as many groups,networks or communities as you can.after that regularly visit the and participate in discussion with your blog as signature
  • Publish your articles regularly at different article websotes as well.some of the article websites are as follows.
this is the best article website i ve found you can search many more from google
  • join various blog marketing forums and blog marketing websites and visit others blogs regularly and write comments with your blog link.remember "give traffic get traffic".participate actively in their discussions.
these are the two top blog marketing forums my major traffic comes from these two forums.

  • join yahoo groups and google groups with more the one ids and participate actively
by acting on the above steps you will soon get huge bulks of traffic.
keep checking.or subscribe this blog or follow it the next article will be about other modes of earning except adsense


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