do you know that you cam use facebook for earning online and increasing traffic to your blog?no??well certainly you can use facebook to increase your traffic and earnings.wonder how?

well its simple just follow the follow the following steps.

  • login to facebook and join some applications

  • try to join as many groups as you can,the groups should be big.probably more then 5000 members

  • make as many friends as you can.

  • now make your own groups.the title of the groups and the content should be attractive

  • now invite as many people as you can and try to make your groups bigger

now here is the deal.now when you have succeded in making the strength of your group more then 5000 and you are owning 5 groups of you daily send 1 update of your blog.you can easily get 500 to 600 impressions.so do try this and give your feed back.it will be highly appreciated

below is the link to my facebook profile and my groups please do add me at face book and join my groups


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Another Blogger said...

Nice Tips brother! Great post here, I'll try it. But your revolverMaps is annoying. Please resize it :(

James Oh said...

Thanks for your wise and helpful thought and I will do as your advice.

Ahsan said...


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CHiew said...

What I REALLY like is your photo slide. Simply amazing women there! Wow!

Suresh said...

That is pretty cool! I have not yet tried facebook but after reading this may be I should do that to improve traffic to my blog. Thanks for the tip.

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