how social bookmarking brings traffic


most of us may be familiar of the term social bookmarking and have heard from a lot of people that social bookmarking brings traffic but do not know how.???
well today i am going to tell you how social bookmarking brings first of all i am going to tell you what is social bookmarking.
well most of us know that while browsing websites we often like some pages and favorite them. the term used for these favorite web pages is called bookmarking.these bookmarked web pages are saved in the browser of our computer. now when we want to see them we click the bookmarking icon and see the desired web page saved in our there is another way of bookmarking that's social in social bookmarking we make account on different social bookmarking websites,and then when we like any web page,we bookmark it on a social bookmarking whats the main difference in personal bookmarking and social book marking?????the main difference is this that when we favorite a web page at our browser it is only visible to us.but when we bookmark a page at any social bookmarking website it is visible to all the members of that website and they also visit them .

the question is this that how you can bring traffic via social bookmarking.the answer is simple,bookmark it on social bookmarking websites,and it will be visible to all the members and you can get great traffic.
now there are many social bookmarking websites the best one are as follow.
do use this method for your website and blog promotion and do inform us with your will be highly appreciated.

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