what is rss feed and how to get traffic from it????


well you may have seen these icons on many sites.any many of us don't know what are these icons and what are they for?
well what is rss feed?its the abbreviation of really simple syndication.now what is rss feed.it is simply that when you like a particular blog or website.you subscribe its rss feed in your reader(reader is a place where you get the updates of your sites.one of it is reader.google.com)and whenever that blog or website gets updated and notification with a summary of that update goes to the subscriber.and he comes to your website to get read your update.now what is the advantage of rss feed to the webmaster or blogger?
the answer is simple.your subscribers are your regular visitors.whenever your blog gets updates these visitors are definitely gonna visit your blog.in this way rss feed not only facilitates the visitor but also the blogger.he does not have to inform about update the visitor is informed automatically.
how to put rss feed icon on your blog:-
its simple go to http://www.feedburner.com and follow the instructions and place an rss feed icon on your website or blog.
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