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i have been looking for a way to find how bloggers add read more in there posts.i found it hard to find on the web .some methods were quiet difficult which include the change or editing of the template code which was a little bit complex and it did not worked well as well.
well here is a simplest method which i found on one of blogger forums.which involves no complex edition of code.

you will be surprised to know that blogger has provide this facility in its web builder already.all we have to do is just to click on the page break option where we want to add "read more".That is it.i was also surprised when i knew about it that is it that simple???
here is how it work
bring you cursor to the point where you want to add read more
click this option which is already present in your blog posting options

a dotted line will appear.The content before the dotted line will appear before the read more and the content after the dotted line will appear when you click the read more button
that is it
if you have any problem feel free to comment and share your problem.
happy blogging
hope it will help you.
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