how to subscribe for rss feed and what is its benefit


you may have heard your friends,colleagues talking of readers and all that.
well today i am going to tell you what is a reader and how it can benefit you.
well reader is just like and free subscription service.which is free

.you may have seen this icon on many websites.
it is found usually on websites which provide some source of information.
and you visit them frequently to check their sometimes you cannot remember all these sites,you can bookmark them but this doesn't tells you when the site is updated or new content is added to the site.well rss feed is something which will tell you tell you that your favorite site is updated now.
you know if you have bookmarked 100 still cannot check them frequently or regularly that either they have been updated or not.
but rss feed will inform you along with a little or complete portion of the update made in the subscribed website.
in this way you only visit the website when it is updated or new content is added to it.
now the question is what you need to do
all you need to do is to make an account on any of these sites for free.these sites provide free rss feed readers.
when you will click on the feed icon it will tell you to select your reader.after selecting the reader it will ask for its user name and password.
and that's it.
next time you will visit your favorite website or blog only when it is updated.and yeah don't forget to subscribe so that we keep informing you with online earning and many more.....
and yeah here are are few can make account on any one of them you like.lolx

aol,yahoo,google,newsgottor,bloglines,pageflakes,feed demon,newsfire and many more

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Shyam Sunder Pariavakkam said...

Nice information.

Expert said...

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I luv pageflakes has a global page feature that can make you access your page without logging in.

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