PTC(paid to click)


today we are here with another cool way of earning online.and thats PTC which means Paid To Click.
as clear from its name in this program you are paid to click on may be an ad,it may be a link or something like that.simply you have to be click on something and watch it for a while.
now there is a problem in this mode of earning.and that's this that they pay very low about 1cent per click.due to this reason it is not very popular among online workers.but here is a solution to this problem.
that is though they have a very low payment rates but they have an excellent referral system.that is you are also paid for the clicks and jobs done by your referrals.
so if you are paid 1cent for a click and you have 100 referrals under you then you earn daily 100cents or in other words one dollar daily.and another advantage is this that most of them has a very low minimum payout amount that is $1 to $5 so you can have your earnings very soon transferred in your paypal or alert pay account.
so start PTC program today and boost your earnings.
here are some links to some top paying PTC websites.signup today and start earning and increasing your network.
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Anonymous said...

how about earnings from peer programs like gomez? you can earn for your computer idle time

Steinar Arason said...

Really interesting blog. I found you on blogcatalog and followed you too!

Have a nice day!

Steinar Arason

juno said...

yes i earn from my compter.its my full time job.lolz

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