frauds and scams in the world of internet


What does a scam means in the world of online earning ????
It simply means those websites or resources which simply don’t give what they offer
In other words those websites which do not pay for online jobs are called scams
Scams are of two types
One is the type in which they simply don’t pay.
The other is the one which pay very very low such that you can never reach their minimum payout amount…for example they pay 0.001cent per click or per surf and their minimum pay out amount is 75 to 100 dollars so in such case you don’t get paid or in other words you can never get paid
Now the question arising is that if such websites are so clear that they don’t pay then why do people work for them.the answer is simple that is the greed to earn money and lack of knowledge.most of the scams target newly entered people in the world of online earning who are not even familiar with the term of scam on these targeted people are offered very handsome packages and the information asked from them is so genuine that it seems that they are real.moreover scam sites target by offering very low price memberships which a normal man can easily afford.and when these sites are completely blacklisted they come again with a new this way they loot the people on a very small scale but if we look on global level then their daily income is in hundreds of thousands of show that they really pay they pay to a few members selected randomly every month so that their goodwill is maintained.but at the end they don’t pay to all the members for their work.most of the scam websites target on the categories of data entry,multilevel marketing,paid to click and online surveys.
So if you are going to use any of the above as a source of your home based job you should be really really carefull.
How to check a scam
If you want to check that either a website is scam or not simply go to google and write “websitename is scam” and google it the number of results and the links on the website will tell you either the website is scam or not.
Plain and simple
Hope this article was very useful for you.
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