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When you come in the world of internet marketing or online earning,the first thing you come to if you are not guided and you don’t have any knowledge about online earning is adsense .yes google adsense.its only because it has a very good repution ,they have marketed it very well,it works in most of the countries and most of us can rely on it because it is ran by the biggest brand in the world of internet so there is not a single chance of scam fraud of something else.
Though google adsense is a very good metwork for both advertisers and publishers as it gives very good rates if oyur website has a good traffic and content rating.you can get as high as $6 per click or even more then that and as low as $.01 per click .
Similarly if some how you get banned from adsense then you don’t have any other option except either creating a new google adsense account and a new web page and do its SEO once again or switch to some other advertising network
The first option is quite difficult so its better to switch to some other network then doing it again from the beginning.
There are many advertising networks some of them are fake though but there are some which pay really good and have got good market repution.
Those with good market reputition are as follows.

Now we shall come to their brief introduction and their pay rates and other details

It has a minimum payout of $5 and its pays through paypal,check,money bookers and alert pay.it has and advantage that its minimum payout is $5 and all other terms of service are same as google

It is the 3rd most popular advertising network after google adsense and adbrite
It pays through check paypal and alert pay
Its minimum payout is ------- and its terms of service are also same as google adsense


Clicksor is a very good advertising network with a very high pay rates for ads.but it has a draw back that it approves your website only if your website has a daily visitor amount of more then 5000 or a monthly visitors of 150000.

Adult adworld:
If you are running an adult website and looking for advertisiers that can pay you for ppc or ppm than adult adworld is a perfect place for you.it has many programs instead of a simple ppc program.and it is a great advertising network for adult webmasters.

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