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You probably visited my blog because you want to earn from internet and you may know many ways such as Google adsense,paid to click, affiliates etc but you don’t know where to start from or how to start. and what’s the most proper approach which will lead you to a successful career in online earning
Well for a pioneer in this field I recommend to start from data entry.
It has many advantages
1. it has the lowest chance of scam and most of the data entry websites do pay
2. it helps building up your stamina of working on computer as you have to work 5 to 6 hours daily in it
3. you earn more that $100 per month. so you don’t get fed up because of not earning
Now lets talk about the nature of work you are going to do in data entry. well the work is quiet simple. all you have to do is to paste classified ads on various classified websites.
You get your projects in the form of assignments and you get paid upto $15 to $25 per assignment and you have to paste ads on 250 to 500 websites.
Here are some of the websites which give data entry projects .and have various packages
Remember you will have to spend some money as a pioneer in this field if you don’t you will lost your path and ultimately you will fed up and give up. but if you spend some money not more then $20 you can get a very successful future in this field
So if you are a pioneer forget ad sense right now it’s a far advanced thing and start doing data entry. then when you earn from it buy a franchise of data entry and register people under you. then when your network grows up and you get a reasonable amount every month then start concentrating towards adsense and affiliates.
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